Juggling Workshop

Where throwing things in class is encouraged.

Juggling Workshop (1hr)

Always wanted to learn juggling? Dreamt about a life filled with juggling balls, rings and clubs and of course, applause?

Wait no further. The expert is here to make you an exceptional juggler. No matter your age, interest, size, hobby, Edwin believes that anyone can pick up juggling as long as they are passionate. You can be the life of the party at the next birthday celebration or company Dinner and Dance event!

No confidence in yourself? No worries, Edwin goes down to the very basic of juggling and will instil in you the skills that makes a good juggler. Go ahead, juggling is fun, you know you want to juggle.


Balloon Sculpting Workshop

The fine art of twisting rubbers.

Balloon Sculpting Workshop (1 Hour)

Twisting of balloons can be as easy as twisting an oreo cookie. Plonk yourself down for an hour of twisting and Voila! Instant children magnet as you craft out beautiful balloon cartoon characters and animals literally out of bare hands.

Great for audiences of all ages, balloon sculpting is an art easily appreciated by anyone and it is actually a skill that can be easily mastered too.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!


Juggling & Balloon Sculpting Workshop (1hr 30min)

How About Learning Both Juggling and Balloon Sculpting?

Juggling & Balloon Sculpting Workshop (1hr 30min)

Have a hard time planning for ideas at parties/events? Learn an interesting skills from Mr Bee & Ms Bee for your friends or clients!

At the scientific side, it is proven that Juggling can make you a little bit more intelligent! So, challenge yourself and improve the fine motor skills & eye-hand coordination of you.

Other than Juggling, you will have the opportunity to learn some basic balloon sculpting as well!